Dolphin Island, Misamis Occidental, Philippines

Being a beach bum, one of my favorite adventures are to beach/island hop and skin dive. Skin diving is simply diving with mask, snorkel and fins without the aid of compressed air tank. So normally during skin diving, the average depth that you can reach is about 10 feet. Since most of our coral reef formations here in Philippines are “fringing reef type”, most of the coral formations here are quite shallow. One of the good places where one can do such activities is the Island of Mindanao. The Island of Mindanao offers majestic and breathtaking sites where one can soak in the sun, go white water rafting in rivers, spelunk, hike, dive, island hop, trek etc..If you want to dive to some coral reef formation, go TARZAN among mangroves (exaggerating!), feed fishes and swim with them then I recommend you go to the Misamis Occidental Aquamarine Park in Sinacaban, Misamis Occidental!
I have attached here some of the pictures my friends and I took during our escapade there!
How to get there?
If you’re from outside the Philippines:
Take a plane going to Manila. From Manila, take another plane to Dipolog City which is about 3 hours away from Sinacaban going south by bus. An alternate route is by barge from Manila to Ozamiz City. Ozamiz City is the capital of Misamis Occidental and is about 30 minutes away from Sinacaban by bus. Get off the bus when you get to Misamis Occidental Aquamarine Park (MOAP). You can always ask the driver to get you to MOAP as it’s a famous place around the area and plus most bus drivers are nice and accommodating so don’t hesitate to ask for directions!
For more information on how to get there, you can visit this site:
Where you can stay?
MOAP has dorm type and cottage type accomodations.
What you expect to experience?
MOAP has mini zoo where you can find exotic animals such as Philippine crocodiles, bird, tarsier, monkeys and snakes. The zoo is situated right within a mangrove area and the animal cages can be accessed through a network of elevated bamboo bridge. Since the zoo is within a mangrove area it gets flooded with sea water during high tides so that one can also observe fishes, jellyfishes, etc. swimming below the bridge. Aside from the zoo, you can also visit their fish ponds and aquariums that house Philippine Carps, fresh water prawns, lobsters and other yummy fishes. So if you want to eat fresh sea food, just purchase them by the kilo and ask the restaurant there to cook it for you.
Of course, your trip in MOAP is not complete if you don’t hop (figuratively, of course!) towards the DOLPHIN ISLAND! To get there, just cross another bamboo bridge towards the floating restaurant. This restaurant is situated on the sea (hence, floating) about 100 meters (if I’m not mistaken) from the coast. You can ask the restaurant’s staffs that you want to go to the island and they can arrange the trip for you, it’s that easy! It takes about 15 minutes to get from MOAP to the island on a pump boat or forever if you swim (kidding). If you plan to snorkel, the best time to leave for Dolphin Island is early in the morning during high tide. Once you get to the island, it’s best to order what you want to have for lunch on the island’s restaurant first as it takes quite a bit of a time for them to “process” your order 🙂 Then after ordering for your food, you can cross another network of bamboo bridge to observe the dolphins (hence the island’s name!), tortoises (average length of adults is 1 meter) and other cute and colorful fishes! If you’re not satisfied, you can rent snorkeling gears (mask, snorkel and fins). They are usually cheap so don’t worry about spending a lot.. and actually, you can bring your own gears if you have them.If you’re not a confident swimmer, you can hire a small boat/canoe so you can kayak your way around the island! -) For booking, visit

The pictures I’ve attached here in my blog are some of the the highlights of our MOAP and Dolphin Island adventure last 2006.



  1. Dex Said:

    just curious,,taga ozamis ka?anyway i am planning to bring my kids into this place when i get home soon

  2. Angel Said:


    eRRmmm taga ozamiz ka ba???
    i grew up in jimenez misamis occidental and im glad dat ders a nice lil tourist spot nearby…i will definately go der wen i go home for holiday..

  3. ninna Said:

    Oroquieta city is the Capital of Misamis Occidental, not Ozamis. Anyway, you’re right about the MOAP. Really a wonderful experience

  4. khayam of Philippines Said:

    nice place..punta ako jan insa Allah…if God will..
    i will bring my family too…
    boring n kc ako d2 dubai hehehe

    thanks for the information…dolphin island

  5. angel Said:

    Lol is it now I THOUght is ozamis haha

  6. Farrah Said:

    hi! my boss told me about dolphin island… & from what she told me im so eager to visit this place very soon… wow!!! am glad there kinda place like dolphin island in mindanao…

  7. hi gUYz.!!!!!

  8. mWuahUgZzzZZzZ…!!!!!!!!

  9. 09262935431..WANTED TXTM8..HEHEHEHE…

  10. 09262935431..WANTED TXTM8..HEHEHEHE… AHMMF

  11. hmm..just curios 4 that place..i hope m2loy OJT nmn jan..hehehe…

  12. nice nmna ng dolphin island i hope maka’go kmi jan..hASyZzZz..!!!!

  13. Capt. Burgos,Jose Ferdinand Said:

    Dolphin Island is one of the best tourist spot in Mindanao.
    Just fyi the expenses is very affordable, thats why I can recommend
    this to all. This is one od a kind.

  14. weng Said:

    Hi MOAP team, it is good to hear about the dolphin island. Me and my family will surely visit MOAP and go to dolphin island… i am excited to visit der again as MOAP was our thesis before…

    hope to hear more exciting adventures in MOAP as well as its mini zoo.

    God Bless!

  15. 888 Said:

    how much will be the total expense if we will makre a reservation for the restaurant and travel going to the dolphin island. we are 8 be visiting there. hoping for your feedback on my email address…thanks!!!

  16. mier, jenely Said:

    i’ve been in the dolphin island and twas really an amazing place

  17. jayhardy Said:

    Im from Oz City (Ozamis) and its a very good place! My last visit of dolphin island was way back 2007, i am now working here in Cebu and i cant wait to go home and visit this place again.

  18. ella javier Said:

    hi!!! am one of the RSPC ’09 bukidnon delegates ds coming dec 2-4, wer gonna visit dolphin island accordingly… yuhoo!! it’ll be a wish come true to be seeing dolphins … 🙂 hope i can bring home one… hehehe to add to my dolphin figurine collection… our district will also be there on the 5th and 6th… ill wait for them at clarin so i can join wd them to dolphin island…. yehey! am dying to be there…. :)) sana tuesday na….

  19. yanz Said:

    actualy dolphin part of sinacaban not tudela

  20. charry butalid Said:

    hai the dolphin island is very nice!!mabuhay

  21. charry butalid Said:

    its very amazing i ve been there because i’m a member of the regional schools press conference

  22. lye143 Said:

    wOw .. graveng improvement ng province natin.

    iL absolutely go there..with my mom..haha
    and the rest of the family of course.. !

  23. scarlet Said:

    i love dolphin island to i really appreciate this place it’s cool, amazing & clean water….foods are affordable & really fresh….i can’t wait to visit again………….Such a wonderful island………

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